Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Smart Customer!!

Some follow up from me -- You and I spoke on phone about 6 weeks ago re chicken jerky strips. Our vet wanted Annie (12 year old chocolate lab) to go on "kidney disease" diet. I was reluctant to take her off Kumpi which she has been on her whole life. The only thing I changed in her diet -- "no chicken strips" as you suggested .. and 6 weeks later we ran BUN tests, and she was completely in the safe range. Before she was at the doorstep of "kidney disease"! Vet was quite shocked when I told her about the "chicken strips" and our family experiment. I told vet to visit FDA web-sight and check warning posted there. We are so thrilled with Annie's health status. She is truly a "Kumpi" dog! Marlana ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ This email is an echo of many conversations I've had. Don't feed chicken strips or jerky of ANY kind. Even if it is made in the US you can't be sure where the ingredients were sourced from. When I have NOTHING FROM CHINA on my food, it is for real! No bait and switch language, like "everything sourced in the US" which is often purchased from China. Take care of your Fur Kids and be cautious about what you feed. Zukes is the only brand of treats that I feel comfortable recommending with a whole heart. Blessings to all!! Evy

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

LOVE IT!! Happy Valentine's Day All :)

Its working out great actually. My dog is about 2 and a half years old now and I think Kumpi is his 6th food that I've tried. On most foods, he had problems with diarrhea and/or allergy flare-ups. It wasn't like I was buying low-end food either; they were all vet recommendations, but nothing seemed to be working for my dog. I think the worst symptom-wise was Blue Buffalo. Royal Canin wasn't much better. I finally found one that worked reasonably well (Wellness Simple Solution.. had some intermittent problems with it, but it was much better than anything else I had tried up to that point). He was on that for probably 3/4ths of a year until the vet where I bought the food from changed management and decided they would no longer carry it. There wasn't anywhere else in the area that really sold it, so I wasn't really sure what I was going to do.

While I was at work one day, I was talking to a co-worker about how the vet office was now under new management and mentioned that they said they would no longer carry Jake's food. XXXXX, who sits in the cubicle next to me, said he had something for me to check out and sent me a link to your site. He said he's been using Kumpi for years with good results. I liked what I saw so I decided to order a medium-sized bag as a trial, since my supply of Wellness Simple Solution was widdling down. I transistioned my dog onto Kumpi over the course of the next week and a half or so and he seemed to adjust much quicker than I would have thought. He has been fine ever since; no more stool problems or anything of that nature.

Another great benefit is that I was paying $63 or so for a 26 lb. bag of Wellness from the vet's office (which was an additional stop on the way home from work and they often didn't have the big bags in stock so I'd have to buy the tiny bags that my 90 lb dog puts down in no time). Your food is less expensive, lasts longer, works better, and comes straight to my door. Most importantly, he eats it and he seems to like it. I know that sounds like a corny testimonial line, but its the truth. I'm glad that my dog food search is over.


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

K Cal's Explained

Hello -

On each of the variety pages, the Calorie Content for 1 cup has the notation 1 cup = 5 oz. Is this a mistake on each page, or were the calculations done differently? The calorie numbers seem correct when compared to other foods (382 for senior, 530 for adult, 572 for puppy) so I want to assume that someone incorrectly put "5 oz" instead of the proper 8 oz on each page, but I want to double check!



Hiya Sarah ~

The listings on the pages are correct. When we as a pet food company list the K Cals in the food, we are
to use the glass 'one cup' Pyrex container to report those. This is kin to a pound of feathers vs. a pound
of rocks. The volumetric density can change a lot from one food to another depending on the size of the
kibble. It's a professional courtesy that we list how many ounces of food there are when that Pyrex cup
is filled.

If you take and fill that one cup Pyrex container there will be a wide variety of weights and there are five
ounces of Kumpi dog food vs. four or eight. That way it's easier for the customer to get a better idea of
how many calories they are feeding their dog - one 'scoop' can vary a lot from customer to customer. When
it gets boiled down to actual ounces of food that makes it easier for them to adapt their portion size by the
weight of the food vs. 'one cup' which has so many variables.

Good question and thanks for writing!!


Sunday, December 4, 2011

Mail Bag :)


I just wanted to thank you for such an amazing product for my best friend and companion since he can't tell you himself! I heard about Kumpi through a co-worker, who doesn't even own a dog. He kept raving about his friend's dog and how soft and shiney the dog's coat is and that they feed their dog Kumpi and how I should feed my boy, Keeto, Kumpi too. We are a week into his first bag, and although Keeto has a pretty good coat to begin with, I can already tell a difference and so can all the students at the school I work at. So now it is my turn to pass on the word and sing the praises of your product!

Thank you,

Now THIS is what it is all about to me!! Get past reading labels and all the whoopty that companies create. Try just ONE bag of Kumpi and see if you don't get amazing results for YOUR dog (or cat) too!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Dog Allergy Pupdate From August

Remember Moose?? The Saint Bernard mix that was scratching so bad? Just got this email:

My name is Charleen, my neighbor and best friend Becky told me about your dog food. I found a rescue puppy in Colorado this summer. Our little "monster" is named Moose, she is 14 weeks old. They told us she was Saint Bernard and Mastiff we love her no matter what she turns out to be. Moose seemed to have a food allergy and was scratching all of the time. She had no hair on her tummy due to scratching and just did not seem happy. Becky told us about your dog food and asked us to try it. Moose has been eating the dog food for 3 weeks. Her coat is so soft and healthy looking, she has lots of energy and is acting like a puppy. Our daughter tells her friends that her new dog food has "puppy crack" in it. Moose has energy and is bouncing around with a smile on her face. This miracle dog food has brought fun loving life to our puppy. Thank you so much for such a great product.



I am posting these emails to show that 'allergies' can be a bucket term and often the body just needs a HUGE boost to the immune system. SO many dogs are thriving on Kumpi dog food - 'allergy causing' corn and all!! There is so much to a dog food product that a label just can't tell you.

If you are feeding Kumpi, thanks for your trust. If you aren't, why don't you give it a try? It's a great alternative to corporate America! I work from home and I am PASSIONATE about our pets being the healthiest they can be!


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Allergies? (mailbox time again!)

Hi Evelyn,
My cat Skipper has been eating Kumpikat food for over a year now.
I recently received a new bag of cat food. About that time he has started to scratch and lick and groom himself ALOT. He has 2 red places where the fur is gone. Just wondering if you have heard of this before. Nothing else has changed for him. He is an inside cat and never has been outside. We do not have any other animals in the house. He has never had fleas. and I do not see any sign of fleas now. I thought I would check with you since you are very familiar with animals, before calling the vet. Thanks for any help you can give me. Linda


Hiya Linda ~

I'm so sorry to hear about Skipper! The only thing I'm thinking about is I know this time of year,
we get a LOT of spider activity. My kitty girl is indoors only too and that concerns me every summer
going into fall. Pollen counts are another thing to consider too for indoor cats. They are inside,
but that stuff can still get inside.

Odds are very strong that it isn't the food Linda. I would hesitate to do a diet change; I'd call your
vet's office, but also hope they are open to the fact that 10% of reactions like this are dietary.
A lot of vets jump on diet too soon and then the dog/cat is still left struggling with the real issue.

Do keep me posted if you don't mind!



I would like to avoid the vet if possible. I think I will wait a few more days and see how he does. This has been going on for almost 2 wks though.
I had changed the cat litter to Tidy Cat. I usually use Arm & Hammer. Changed back to A & H today--so hope that does the trick! :>) He has never had this much itching before --since we have had him.
Just thought you may have some natural remedy. I did not want to put Benedryl cream or cortosone cream --thinking he would lick it off and I don't know what that would do to cats. Thanks for your help. I will let you know what happens. Linda


I did recommend that Linda try some aloe on the red spots. But a change in cat litter didn't even occur to her as being the source of the problems with all of the itching and scratching.

I'm taking the time to post some of these since I work with so many dogs/cats after the fact; after hundreds of dollars are spent at the vet. So many on steroids that come over to a Kumpi product and find relief!! PTL!!!

Allergies? Mailbox time.....

This is an email I received earlier this month....

Hello Evy;
As you know I've been buying Kumpi now for the last year or so for my "kids". I have a friend that is having problems with her puppy and I'm hoping you can help. Cel was the one who recommended you when I purchased my puppy last July. My friend has a 3 month old female mix. They believe that she is English Mastiff and Newfie. The got her from the Humane Society in Colorado. The puppy is named Moose. Moose has had several problems over the last couple of months.

She has been scratching constantly pretty much since they brought her home. The vet here in Casper suggested childrens benadryl last week. Now today, she has raised red blotches on her underside, mostly in the creases around her legs, all 4. She will scratch all over. The vet has also suggested taking away the puppy food she was on, as it had chicken as the main ingredient. Do you have any suggestions? Would Kumpi be something that she could try? She is also giving cheese for rewards and to hide the meds in, and is thinking maybe it's the dairy products. The vet gave her a topical spray to use for the next few days to help with the raised bumps. Any advise you may have would be greatly appreciated. I do not want to undermind her vet and his advice, but rather help my friend who is at her wits end.

Thank you,


Well so far so good. Moose is eating well and the joke now is that there must be "puppy crack" in there because Moose seems frisky after eating! We all think she is feeling good and finally acting like a puppy.

TO BE CONTINUED but the moral of the story is, don't just treat symptoms. It is so important that the immune system is built up and Kumpi truly helps with that for so many reasons. Check out KUMPI TV at to learn why :)